Indian Style Festive Home Decor

What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear the word ‘festival’? I end up having countless ideas revolving around bright colors, sparkles, joyful lights, new clothes and shoes, and of-course loads of sweets and deliciousness everywhere. In India, our celebration is incomplete without a joyful display.

We mend and bend lots of time and money in order to keep ourselves festive ready. So on this lovely occasion of festivity being started here are few quick creative ideas for festive home decor:

  1. Simple yet elegant: Sometimes in order to make anything eye-catchy, we overdo stuff and forget the main idea behind doing the thing. Festivals definitely demands attention-seeking décor but we must not forget simplicity can be most alluring. Fresh flowers, hand-painted Diya’s, and fragrant candles can add a lot of amazing feeling to the house. Hang some leafy-flowery garlands at the doorstep as an Indian tradition, hand-painted diya’s around the house borders, making flower bunch decorations for the walls and of course, few fragrant candles all around will do much. Such things not only give a house a tempting feel but also involve the entire family to make festive preparations as that’s the most rewarding thing Indian festivals bring.

  1. Play with colors: Festivals and rangoli stand perfect match, loads of bright colors and your creativity that’s all. Rangoli colors add a very personal touch to the home decor during the festival and make everyone feel very welcoming. Not everyone is an artist which is why we have tonnes of options to play with rangoli colors via stencils, dots sheets to create anything we want. You can also add fresh flowers along with rangoli to make its appearance even more charming.

  1. Bright Interiors: Usually in India, we get our whole house literally washed and painted before the festival arrives. Whether you manage to do it or not you can equate it by putting some colorful drapes around the walls multi color bed sheets, couch covers and pillow covers to add a vibrant touch inside the house. We hang colorful lights, lamps outside the house add some fairy lights in the list this time. Take some old bottles or jars and fill it with fairy light gives a nice touch to home interior décor.

  1. Decorating Mandir: Festivals come with various traditions and stories behind them. We celebrate it always with Pooja which is a serene way to thank God for giving us a chance to celebrate and live a joyfully unique life as a human being. For that, we definitely make sure the temple area which we call in India “Mandir” is well cleaned and nicely decorated. After cleaning add some lovely fresh flower and Ashoka leaf garland around temple area, lighten big and small diya’s, keep some brass or glass bowls filled with water and some fresh flowers or candles floating on it, there is lots of offer presented like sweets, fruits, dry fruits and lots more to make it complete. The key point is to enjoy the time spent during every preparation and celebration with family friends. No matter how busy life gets festivals bring everyone together to add more joyful memories every year.

I hope you find something useful for yourself while planning to give your house a festive touch-up. You can always share your idea by leaving a comment and I will surely respond you back. Keep reading and Happy Festivity. 



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