Trendy All Seasons

Festivals are knocking our doors and we all fall anxious as to what to wear… No doubt it is very difficult to keep up with changing trends but everyone desires to have an applauding appearance especially during festivals. So why not stay trendy all season to keep it handy when it comes to special occasions.

You don’t always have to delete and create a new collection every-time something is said to be out of trend. There are a few basics that never go off track no matter which occasion or event you are planning for.


Whites, Blacks, Silver, Gold

No doubt these colors have magical ability to blend it most of the outfits you already have. Instead of picking one color every-time you go shopping (which happens with most of us) this time try to make sure you have these fours in your wardrobe. Whether its underclothing, tees, denim or party dress the colors play its magic wonderfully. Try and grab some this festive season make your wardrobe trendy and all set for all seasons.

Go Ethnic

Ethnic wears never go out of trend, especially during festivals.

Whether you wear it traditionally or with some fusion it gives a festive charm and makes you feel joyful and yes being a part of the celebration. Get a pair or two ethnic wears for your wardrobe with bright color combinations and surprise everyone with your festive look.

Look Like a Pro

Formals need not be always boring you can always experiment with bright or shiny colors pairing it with elegant shades and make your own combination on the go. Never overdo on accessories when wearing formals and keep your hair neat and straight or a high pony. Try a royal blue button-down or a short sleeve shirt with a beige high waist skirt paired with pointed toe stiletto and you are ready to go.

Mix & Match

We can never have enough in a wardrobe to wear all year round. Mix and match your collection to get a new style every-time. Take risk playing with colors and making different combinations out of your existing collection to ask for fair reviews from friends and family and you will never be tired of anything you already have.

A few short tricks and you can always be a trendy one all seasons. Don’t be afraid to twist and try new things and of course your creative mind as I believe you are the one who always knows what goes best on you.


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